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    Student Services


    Blake Hall College has the office of London House Share on the College premises. London House Share manages 16 properties in the surrounding areas. All the houses are fully furnished with additional add-ons' such as Sky TV. Some rooms are available for prospective Blake Hall College students.

    If you are looking for accommodation please visit the website for more information. You can alternatively contact a consultant at Blake Hall College if you are unsure of room availability and they will be able to assist you with relevant information. If you would like to make a group booking of between 6-8 students, please contact the College two months in advance so that we can organise group accommodation for the students.

    Guidance Counselling

    Some students might experience cultural difficulties or personal problems when coming to London. At Blake Hall College we provide students with guidance counselling to help them adapt and deal with life in London. Blake Hall College also assists them with budgeting services where students can come for help to manage their finances.


    Student Discounts

    There are many discounts that students can qualify for in London. Blake Hall College ensures that all students are well informed about these discounts and also assist them with applying for them. If students need any letters as proof of studies, the College (with the help of the Student Union) generate the necessary paperwork so that students can reap all the benefits that London has to offer.

    Student Union

    Student Union (SUBHC)

    Blake Hall College is proud to have a democratically elected Student Union that is a member of National Union of Students (NUS). They represent the voice of all students and participate in the strategic decision making of the College. When students want to express their opinions independently from the college management, they have access to the Student Union who represents them in all college matters.
    There are 4 Union officers who each have a particular area of responsibility.
    The Union President and Academics Officer deal with any issues arising from academic courses, hold weekly meetings with academic staff and sit on various panels and boards. 
    The Administration and Finance Officer is responsible for managing the Student Union budget and liaising with the college Administration department to ensure that student requests are processed in a timely manner. 
    The Communications Officer produces monthly college newsletters, updates the Student Union website and is responsible for internal and external relationships. 
    Finally the Activities and Sports Officer organises many social, cultural and sporting events throughout the year in which all students are encouraged to participate.
    Elections are held annually and all students are encouraged to actively take part by nominating themselves for positions, joining a campaign team and voting for their selected candidates.
    The Student Union at Blake Hall College endeavours to ensure that students take full advantage of the wealth of opportunities that are made available to them. They assist with the enhancement of student life and provide support for students over a wide range of areas. SUBHC helps to provide a friendly atmosphere for incoming international students and they promote their clubs and societies to the best of their ability. Most of all the Student Union wants to help all students to have a fun, enjoyable and successful experience at Blake Hall College. 

    Some of the responsibilities of the Student Union include:

    • Issuing letters for students and liaising with the Administration Department to ensure all details on letters are correct
    • Providing the marketing department with Student Union volunteers to help them with ad hoc promotions and taster events
    • Assisting all staff with Induction Weeks by helping them with campus tours, presentations and Induction social events

    How do the Students' Union Elections work?

    • Nomination forms and job descriptions are available from the Students' Union Office, at Reception and online 30 working days before the election.
    • Nomination forms must reach the Returning Officer by the day and time specified
    • A list of candidates will be displayed on the College premises and on the Blake Hall College website and Student Union website (
    • Candidates are given three weeks to campaign. Candidates are provided with an election booklet explaining the election process and campaigning.
    • All students in the College may vote. Voting is open for one week and is conducted by a secret ballot.
    • The election results are announced and published in the afternoon on the final day of voting.

    How to contact the student union?

    • Visit the Student Union office on the Blake Hall College Campus
    • Register your details with the Student Union Officer on duty
    • The student union will stay in touch via emails or text messages
    Please visit for more information

    Student Events
    Blake Hall College believes that our students are worth investing in. Each year our students have the opportunity to attend the annual student party organised by Student Union. We also try to organise some intercultural events like a debate evening, dancing competitions and Miss Blake Hall College Beauty Pageant. All through the year students can express their different ceremonial attire or customs that is unique to their country of origin. For latest events, click here >>
    Student Welfare
    Blake Hall College Student Welfare recognises that many students benefit from extra assistance during the course of their studies. We are here to help, assist and support students and to make their experience in the UK as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. We also provide up-to date information on issues which may affect students. We try to ensure the experience of all students at Blake Hall College is as best as it can possibly be, by meeting students' needs and providing a quality service.

    Personal Tutors and Tutorials
    Our academic staff is willing to assist our students with any academic difficulties they might face. Tutor sessions are available upon request to improve a student's study skills, academic progress and personal, social or life skills. Our focus is to give students the opportunity to become well rounded and balanced individuals who will be fully equipped to take on any challenges or opportunities that come their way. To make an appointment with an academic staff member contact the Front Office at Blake Hall College.

    Jobshop@BHC (UK & EU Students Only)
    Jobshop@BHC is a service provided by Blake Hall College to empower students with details of internships, work shadowing placements, volunteering opportunities and part-time employment. Such jobs can all improve the overall employability of Blake Hall College students by allowing them to gain valuable skills and experiences, which will prove vital when making applications for graduate vacancies in the future. Jobshop@BHC also advertises external events which may be of help to students in finding a job after graduation such as graduate fairs, presentations or networking opportunities.You can book an appointment with  Jobshop@BHC to create or to improve your CV or for help with application forms, covering letters and interview techniques. You can also request help with job searches for part-time employment, internships or graduate jobs.

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