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    Policies and Procedures

    I am a new student. Can I apply for an Oyster card without having a UK bank account?

    Yes. The Student Union can assist you. Please bring £10 and a passport photo. The Student Union will register you online and you can expect to receive your Oyster Card to your home address within 2 weeks.

    How do I get a letter?

    • Go to the Student Union website
    • Apply online for letters
    • When you letter is ready for collection you will receive a notification via a text message from the Student Union
    • Your letter should be ready to collect from the Students' Union Office within two working days.

    Please Note: CAS letters can only be collected at Front Office.

    What is the procedure to make a suggestion or complaint at Blake Hall College?

    Click here to download complaint policy and procedure of Blake Hall College

    What happens if my attendance falls below 80%?

    If a student's attendance falls below the required level (80%) without authorisation, a 1st warning will be sent to the student's email address. If there is no improvement in attendance, a second warning will be sent to the student's email address. For each of these warnings the student has 5 days to respond. If there is no improvement in attendance after the second warning, the College will withdraw their sponsorship and the student will no longer be allowed to attend classes.

    How do I report an absence to the College?

    It is important that the College is informed of any genuine illness or other reason why a student is unable to attend. Any absence must be reported in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    All students MUST include the following details in the email:

    • Name
    • Surname
    • Student ID
    • Course Title + course commencement date
    • Reason for absence
    • Duration of Absence

    Sickness is not a reason for absence that can be authorised automatically. All cases will be judged on their individual merits. If absence due to illness exceeds 3 days students must produce a medical certificate to the college.

    What constitutes an unauthorised absence?

    • Job commitments
    • Leisure activities
    • Birthdays and similar celebrations
    • Shopping
    • Interviews for part-time work
    • Babysitting
    • Driving lessons
    • Picking up/dropping off people at airport
    • Holiday during term time

    This list is not exhaustive.

    When a student sends an email to the Administration department, the communication will be updated on the system. When a student receives a reply from the College it means the reason for absence is not valid and that an appointment will be scheduled. If the reason is valid no response will be given.

    How do I report absence when there is a death in the family?

    A student must notify the college immediately. A maximum of three weeks' leave of absence will be given to a student who would like to go back to his/her home country. In order for the College to issue a letter the student must either provide a death certificate or flight documents with proof that he/she will return within three weeks.

    Can I change my course?

    Blake Hall College does not encourage changing courses. If required however Change of Course forms are available at Front Office. If the preferred course is more expensive than the current course, the student will be held responsible for the new course fees. Please note: an administration fee of £250 will be payable on change of course. Course change is subject to approval from course leader and course administrator. Please note, international students cannot change their course to a lower level than the course they are currently studying.


    Student Union

    How can I become a Student Union volunteer?

    Please refer to the Students' Union website.

    How can I become a Student Union Officer?

    Students' Union Elections are normally held in the month of March.

    How do the Students' Union Elections work?

    • Nomination forms and job descriptions are available from the Students' Union Office, at Front Office and online 30 working days before the election.
    • Nomination forms must reach the Returning Officer by the day and time specified
    • A list of candidates will be displayed on college premises and on the Student Union website
    • Candidates are given three weeks to campaign. Candidates are provided with an election booklet explaining the election process and campaigning.
    • All students in college may vote. Voting is open for one week and is conducted by secret ballot.
    • The election results are announced and published in the afternoon on the final day of voting.
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